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Firefox dual monitor fix

The latest versions of Firefox only remember which monitor they are on if you close Firefox while it is not maximized.

So the procedure to get Firefox to open maximized on the monitor of your choice in dual monitor setup:

1.  Un-maximize Firefox window
2.  Position un-maximized window on monitor of you choice
3.  Close Firefox window
4.  Reopen Firefox window
5.  Maximize Firefox window
6.  Close Firefox window
7.  ???
8.  Profit!

Now Firefox will open maximized on the screen you chose.

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  1. Dagron

    ENLIGHTENING! I always wondered why Firefox jumped between my monitors at seemingly random intervals. And now I know.

    The more you know! Don’t smother your kids.

    Posted on 22-Jun-09 at 2:00 pm | Permalink

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