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gainfully employed!

I have recently started a new job with GSI Hosting as a Data Center Support Technician.  I am part of the Implementation Team.  Our duties include gathering the hardware specified by the customer, be that ordering new parts or using existing.  After we have verified the correct hardware, we load the requested operating system, our main two in use are CentOS and Windows Server 2003 and a little Ubuntu for load balancers and firewalls.  We do the basic configuration of the servers and after that we put the servers in the racks.  If a server needs any hardware upgrades or has any hardware failures we are responsible for the timely repair.  This usually has to happen in the middle of the night.  When a server is no longer required we are also charged with decommissioning a server.  Before the server can leave the rack, it is subjected to a Department of Defense approved wipe of the hard drives, this being a complete write to hard drives seven times over.

The company is primarily a managed and unmanaged web/data hosting provider but also offers colocation services.  We also provide whats known as compliant hosting to customers that need to process high security data, such as credit card and bank data.  This means our sites are very secure electronically and physically.

That is the quick and dirty intro for now, I will get into it more in the future.


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