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One Province, Two Countries, Nine States, 18 flights, -40 degrees, 16500 miles


Just to give you an idea of what my job entails, its my duty to help get the hardware ready for the customer.  This entails installing/removing hardware components, operating systems loading, installing applications, racking and unracking hardware.  In 2009 I just happened to be racking equipment in New York City, Los Angeles and Calgary.  2009 […]

Highway Shenanigans


I was driving down the highway the other evening when I came upon a cop that had pulled someone over.  As is the law now I moved over the left lane and drove past, but the car infront of me decided he was too good to do so.  About 3 minutes later a cop car […]

gainfully employed!


I have recently started a new job with GSI Hosting as a Data Center Support Technician.  I am part of the Implementation Team.  Our duties include gathering the hardware specified by the customer, be that ordering new parts or using existing.  After we have verified the correct hardware, we load the requested operating system, our […]

if (BEE == FEMALE) { sting(eman.temple); }


I was watching my dad tend to his honey bees today. I was standing about 10 feet away when all of a sudden a honey bee flies up and stings me right in my temple. Didn’t even give me a warning fly-by. Just wham, right in the side of my head. I guess the only […]

Riddle me this…


Do things cost money because we want them, or do we want them because they cost money? EOF

if(wheels < 2 && experience < ENOUGH) { wipeout(concrete); }


As I was walking home the other day I saw a guy wipe out on his unicycle.  It looked painfull. EOF

How I roll…


I am not a person known for my words, so I am going to keep away from the long bitter diatribes and keep to quick little exurbs from my boring life. Thats just how I roll. Speaking of exurbs and rolling (thats called a segway(actually its segue), which coincidently also rolls) I saw a unicycle […]